Adam Gieniusz – editor, blog contributor

A coach, a father to Helena (born in 2011), a husband, a business trainer, an entrepreneur. Adam is a Regional Director for Kent with The Alpha Group International and he helps SME business owners and CEOs to dramatically increase their businesses profitability and to prosper.

Trained with Noble Manhattan, Adam currently serves as a mentor and supervisor to future life and business coaches.

Adam is in charge of the books and since September 2015

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David Miskimin Assoc CIPD MAC- co-author of The Coaching Parent and The Coaching Parent Companion, blog contributor

Coaching Academy trained, David is a consultant and corporate executive coach with LCA, MCLC, Myers Briggs, Hogan Suite, British Psychological Society Level A and B and Assoc CIPD qualifications. He is also a 16PF practitioner and internationally accredited NLP Practitioner. David has appeared on BBC Radio Stoke, Merseyside and Manchester for interviews and phone-in coaching, and has a regular newspaper coaching column. He is married to Laura. They have two daughters, Nicole and Anne-Marie, and five grandchildren: Marcus, Aiden, Annika, Holly and Matthew. More about David >>>

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Jack Stewart BA, MSc, FCIPD – co-author of The Coaching Parent and The Coaching Parent Companion, blog contributor

Jack is a healer, psychotherapist, coach, NLP trainer, story teller, CD co-creator, and spiritual teacher who has designed and run personal development programmes for thousands of people. He has helped top sportspeople and children regain the motivation and remove barriers to becoming the best they can be. Anything which helps us fulfill our destiny and realise our potential is his bag. Grecophile, cat lover and curry and yoga fan. Jack has two stepdaughters: Karen and Janet and three grandchildren: James, Nicola and Josh. Jack’s blog >>>

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Sifaan Zavahir – blog contributor

Sifaan is a father (since 2015) who found himself enjoying parenting much more than he expected: instead of a mix of joyful moments and frustrating moments he discovered a mix of joyful moments and challenging learning opportunities.

As a strong proponent of restorative justice – rather than retributive/ punitive justice – Sifaan wants to not only raise his son without any physical punishments, but sans any type of punishment and rewards  He is currently sharing his experiences in a group Parenting with Metta that he hopes will grow into a community of practice. (Metta is the Buddhist concept of compassion; how to be a compassionate parent.)

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