The Coaching Parent

Presenting The Coaching Parent a book that helps you become your child’s personal, inspirational coach. This book provides all the tools and motivation you need to make the best use of the coaching opportunities that arise in your daily interactions with your child.

Written for parents, step-parents, guardians, carers and grandparents this books presents you with proven techniques for relating to and helping the children in your care dramatically improve their life chances.

The book is ideal for children from pre-school to late teenage.


Praise for The Coaching Parent

“The Coaching Parent fills a significant gap in coaching literature. Most coaches come from a sports, business, education or psychology background and focus their work on those fields. Surely many of them are parents too and this is where coaching should start. The Coaching Parent is a resource for parents who care – like all parents. I was especially gratified to discover how much importance and space is given to the building of self-confidence in all its forms. This is the foundation stone for life and needs to be set early. Who better to do it than parents, and here is how.”

Sir John Whitmore
Best selling author of Coaching for Performance: Growing People, Performance and Purpose.


“As a parent, early years teacher, school governor and someone who has benefited from coaching; I know that coaching helps to build self esteem, break down barriers and release latent potential. It explores and develops the skills necessary to do this in a way that is relevant to each individual, recognising the fact that children and adults learn in many different ways. It helps individuals to reach and achieve their maximum potential whilst also developing invaluable life skills. I think this book would be a valuable resource not only in every parents library, but also for anyone interested in improving and developing learning skills.”

Gail Steele


“This book provides the encouragement, inspiration and the practical tools needed to help you tackle the most challenging job on the planet…being a parent.”

Paul McGee
Author of the best selling book S.U.M.O… Shut Up, Move On.

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In English: available as paperback or Kindle ebook

In Polish: Coaching Rodzicielski – dostępny jako wydanie papierowe




In Korean: 엣지있는 엄마가 반한 45가지 코칭가이드

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