Meet Sifaan Zavahir – our new blog contributor

This is an honour, a privilege, but first of all great joy to welcome Sifaan Zavahir from Sri Lanka as our new blog contributor 

Sifaan is a father (since 2015) who found himself enjoying parenting much more than he expected: instead of a mix of joyful moments and frustrating moments he discovered a mix of joyful moments and challenging learning opportunities.

His experiences in corporate development (in leadership and team building) have given him lenses through which to reflect* on his approach in parenting, and those reflections have, in return, led him to critically evaluate some of the paradigms he was using in his work, creating a fascinating, if somewhat roller-coastery, learning journey.

As a strong proponent of restorative justice – rather than retributive/ punitive justice – Sifaan wants to not only raise his son without any physical punishments (neither Sifaan nor his wife had been spanked/hit, so this was an easy decision), but sans any type of punishment (no time outs, no dunce caps, no withdrawal of privileges) and rewards (no extension/ enhancement of privileges for good behavior). He is currently sharing his experiences in a group Parenting with Metta ** that he hopes will grow into a community of practice.

* Technically; if it is through a lens, that’s refraction. Yes, he can be just a little pedantic at times.
** Metta is the Buddhist concept of compassion; how to be a compassionate parent.