Quick Note On… Kids and Inflight Entertainment

Earlier today I saw someone asking about top tips for keeping children (4, and 5 years old) entertained on a flight. Below is what I answered.


Kids don’t need to be entertained all the time. Getting bored (and learning to get bored) is essential for creativity and well-being.

Of course, if the flight is long, and admiring views outside the window (getting window seat is a good thing to make sure you arrange when booking/ choosing seats even if it costs a bit extra) is not enough, then a book to read or colouring book are great. If your children is too young to read themselves, read for them. Or make up a story, tell about place you travel to or retell stories of what has happened when on the way back.

If using screens (in-flight entertainment or own devices), it would be great to stick to “screen time” rules you have at home.

Safe travels!