Dad, help me get the ball!

A girl and a spider “Dad, help me get the ball” said Helena – my 6 year old daughter. “What’s happened?” was my brilliant answer. “I want to get the ball, but there is a spider web…” Oh yes – spiders, spider webs, cobwebs – show me a parent who hasn’t dealt with them one way or another – one way being doing something about them, another one being calling someone, often dramatically, to deal with it NOW! As I was in the middle of something and didn’t want to spring up from my chair, I’ve decided to use some of my… … superpowers “How can you get the ball yourself while avoiding the spider web?” – of course I had a clear idea in my head that a long stick should do the trick. Helena’s face started expressing deep thinking. “I could go around, over stepladder and I can[…]

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