It was the first time someone hugged him after more than a year.

This is a simple story that moved me. A story told by Chrys* who teaches German in Austria and who is a friend of mine. A story of war and escape, a story of passion for learning. A story of a figurative and literal human touch. The story characters are neither children nor parents, but emotions they shared are of a kind often reserved for the loved ones. And the child-like empathy embedded in this story is what makes me share it with you. And maybe it is something you want to share further – with your family or friends and discuss topics that it touches. Don’t let me hold you back any longer and simply listen to Chrys: This is my new friend, Hussein. He joined recently my German language classes. On day 1 he approached me with vigor and raised eyebrows to say in broken German, but in decisive manner: – Teacher,[…]

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