Taking Children Away?

There has been a lot of publicity in the UK about supposed poor or inadequate parents. Unfortunately some of the ‘remedies’ have been draconian and have involved taking children away. One of our book’s great strengths is that David and I don’t agree on everything, and I suspect he wouldn’t agree with me using the term ‘child stealing by the state!’…

We concur 100% on the importance of loving, informed and wise parenting, hence our partnership.

Taking children from their parents must always be the last, the very last option. And I personally am not now, despite again our having run workshops on coaching, a fan of taking parents out and ‘training’ them.

Parental coaching can be learned from reading our book. Coaching your children is a joint project. We never imply what you are doing is flawed. Our starting point is that you are doing it right. You, and all of us, unless we are Bradley Wiggins, can improve how we do things.

Surely learning this critical process is worth £15?

Have a great 2013.

Jack Stewart