[That’s Just] The Way It Is

Is the title of a brilliant 1986 song by US group Bruce Hornsby & The Range. It is about race discrimination, about black people being denied jobs and rights.

That’s Just the Way It Is

Some things will never change

That’s Just the Way It Is

But don’t you believe them….

When I was young, long before 1986, my parents let me have a lot of freedom compared to today’s kids. Like every other kid, I made mistakes, got into scrapes, broke the odd bone, and acquired the odd trauma and beliefs I would need in later life to release.

Did you know that the number of passengers using UK airport terminals rose to 241 million in 2007. This compares to 7 million in 1957.

Have you ever had an X-Ray? Doesn’t the radiologist stand behind a screen to protect themselves from the rays? What does that suggest to you?

My local airport has introduced ‘scanners’. They use X-rays. The operator stands behind a screen. To protect your privacy? To protect themselves from the X-rays perhaps? Not everyone has to go through them. But if you are spotted travelling whilst Asian, look a bit shifty, or are anxious at airports, you might have to be ‘screened.’ It’s your choice of course, but if you refuse, you won’t be able to fly.

Our generation, and our children’s generation, are on the brink of leaving an irreversible legacy for the next generation. We are a nation of suspects.

Does your child, or grandchild, need a tag or chip to protect them from the invisible army of ‘bogey men’? Why bother with a cumbersome tag, why not have your baby ‘chipped’ from birth. S/he won’t need the X-rays, can avoid the long queues and be continuously monitored by ‘the authorities’ if they fit the profile.

Remember Tony Blair? Whether you agree with him or not, he told lies. Don’t all governments tell lies?

Some things will never change. That’s Just the Way It Is.

Will you let your child believe them?

Jack Stewart