The [Divine] Feminine?

At what age do you consider it appropriate for your girls to be bombarded with sexual imagery? What kind of role models do they have today? Who or what might inspire them?

If you watch television, you will not fail to have noticed that today’s women are obsessed with how they look, how often they can flick their hair, how high the heels are on their shoes and if they can master about six poses and pouts modelled by Posh Spice and Cheryl Cole.

Indeed do not these two represent the highest pinnacle of acheivement?

And if you get fed up with Cheryl Cole’s face on every vertical urban space, there’s always Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce.

The time is ripe for mothers everywhere to become real role models for daughters. Compassion, kindness, inner strength, resilience, serving others, honesty, down-to-earth, intelligence, grace, patience, humility, love…

Or self-obsession, avarice, greed, falseness and talentless irrelevance?

These may be the rantings of a grumpy old man. But who would you like your girls to emulate…?

Whilst no-one should underestimate the corrupting and corrosive power of the media in all its forms, mothers are the unsung heroes of the next generation. Please use your influence wisely.

Jack Stewart