What are you looking forward to?

I was listening to a fascinating conversation on the radio. The DJ asked his nine-year-old caller, who was about to depart for school – “what are you looking forward to about school today?”. The response was immediate and effusive. “My two front teeth came out yesterday and nobody knows – I can’t wait to get to school and show everybody!”.  I thought ‘how wonderful’, and not a moments concern from the caller either.

It also reminded me about the importance of looking forward rather than backwards. We can’t change the past, yet we can eagerly anticipate the future, especially if we believe we can influence it by what we do in the present.

In The Coaching Parent book we refer to how easy it is to integrate this thinking into coaching. One of the great things with coaching is to create an atmosphere of future expectation. It’s done with the simple statement:

“What are you most looking forward to about tomorrow.”

It presupposes a number of things:
• That you are looking forward to something.
• That you are looking forward to more than one thing.
• That the future will indeed be positive.

And even though you may not have thought of something, the statement forces you to comment on the fact that there will be something you can look forward to. So – a very powerful question.

How about asking your family the same question…?

David Miskimin