What’s not to be possible?

How do you construct your reality? If you read the ‘papers’ every day, and watch a lot of ‘news’ programmes, you will probably be suicidal! Like most people, you most likely take what you watch, hear and read with a pinch of salt.

I saw a TV programme the other night about a young single mum who gave her young son an Argos catalogue before Xmas. Guess what? He ‘chose’ a list of toys and she went into debt to buy them. She had to declare the equivalent of bankruptcy after being unable to pay the £600 bill.

So who created her son’s reality? And her’s?

Forget the material stuff for a moment. What would happen if you dispensed with Newtonian cause-and-effect physics? This 400 year old theory underpins media reality, as does the model of a our bodies as machines.

Suppose we could influence ‘reality’ to a level unimaginable? Just like da Vinci, Galileo, Newton [in his day], Tesla, Einstein and contemporary innovators.

Just exactly what is fixed for ever? Almost nothing. So your reality is co-created with God, the universe, source, or consciousness or whatever you choose to call it.

And what kind of reality do you want? And for your children…

Jack Stewart