Winter snow – Are you loving it or hating it?

In England, we have an ambivalent relationship with snow.

We love to see it and it’s fascinating when you’re looking out of the window. As soon as it starts to disrupt our lives and our regular routines, the pushback starts!

I wonder if this has something to do with our preoccupation with the weather in this country? To be fair, it does change frequently. It’s also very pocketed. Several parts of the country being completely cut off, others having bright sunshine. And yet, for many of us it brings out our inner child. Don’t you remember snowballing, making slides in the school playground and constructing the ‘best snowman ever’ and sledging?

While I myself have hard several client meetings cancelled and in some cases suffered lost revenue, let’s not lose the wonder completely.

Why not bring out those creative and adaptive parts of you and just for a moment, allow yourself to turn the disruption into some fun!

David Miskimin